Shamanic Journey

 SexualShaman Journey work offers different paths to journey into your soul.

When we use the traditions used since the begining of time to enter into a non ordinary state of consciouness, we get to journey into our psyche, our soul and memories. Cultures have journeyed to achieved a deeper understanding of self through dance, mediation, drumming, plant medicine and even breathwork.

Through Senses & Sensations we have the ability to heal wounds, shame and connect to our Higher power to find freedom and release from all that nolonger serves us.

-Shamanic Drumming & Dance- Rythmic drumming to create a hypnotic state to find your power animal or totem. Then we dance to embody the power. 

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November 13th 4-6pm $50.

in Falls Church, VA


-ORB (orgasmic reflex breathing) is a Tantric Breathwork Journey

Private sessions $150.00

All can be done virtually via Skype or Messenger.

“Orgasmic Reflex Breath” Feel the expansion and openness of breathing deeply and fully orgasmic for an hour. Create a dynamic relationship with yourself through the power of breath.

Let’s create some magic together! Learn to use the practices of  Shamanism and Tantra.

These ancient practices have been going for over 5,000 years.  Learn how to weave and expand our energy by this form of breath work, that is said to create a mind-body connection that can lead to powerful orgasms. This breath work brings you deep into a Shamanic state into yourself. Each time you practice “ORB”  or “Drum” you tap into the creative life force which is the orgasmic Source of power that is you. Each time you practiced the energy builds to create a space for self love and healing.

Join in community to breathe, learn, & co-create!

In this 2-hour workshop we will experience a guided breathing technique for one hour together, with time for preparation and integration. This medicine is incredibly powerful, and can entice deep energetic and emotional releases, powerful euphoria, and profound numinous experiences.

Please bring:

* A Yoga Mat. You may also want any pads blankets, pillows or bolsters for comfort. Think “Nesting” & “Cozy”

* Water Bottle

* An Open Heart and Mind


* Nervous System Regulation

* Greater Lung Capacity

* Improved Respiratory & Body Awareness

* Deep Emotional Processing

* Self-Empowerment

* Create More Relaxation, Ease & Flow

* Access Deeper States of Consciousness

Feel truly alive in your body on this path of self love and freedom.

The Breath is the meeting ground between the conscious and unconscious minds. It is the access point that bridges the connection to body, mind, emotions and spirit.
 Deepak Chopra

 Ceremony Shamanic Support
Before we create sacred space together with the intention of safety, healing and connecting to the unconditional love in ourselves. We get to know each other. To see if we will work well together. I would need to know if your on any pharmaceuticals, if any PTSD is in your back round. What stops you from living your life fully? What is your intention to do journey work?

You too need to feel safe with me. This will give you to space to interview me and state your needs, concerns and experience of journey work you may have had.

Feel safe, so you can fully Surrender into your own consciousness. Preparing a sacred space helps for the deep journey ahead. Having a Sitter lets you relax in knowing the outer world is taken care of. So, you can tend to your inner world during your journey.  Surrender, you will deepen your understanding of your consciousness and your unconscious self.
Orgasmic Reflex Breath can be incorporated into Shamanic journey too. Implementing sound, movement and breath to move your life force through old blocks and belief systems.  This conscious breathing has the ability to bring insight to the emotional blocks. When you breathe into these old patterns, you breath new choice into your life.  Choosing to live life fully.

Private Plant medicine ceremony support $500.