Sex Life Coaching

Introducing a life time of experience, work and passion. Packaged into a variety of programs for you as a single or for you and and your partner to experience. Deepen your intimacy, love and connection with yourself first.  See what the path of sacred sexuality and the power of orgasm has in store for you.

Don’t let our distance stop you from following your desire Coaching available through Skype

Intimacy Coaching – Life Quality Coaching – Living An Orgasmic Life

Private session $150.00 first hour, $100 each additional hour.

3 month Coaching package for full immersion into your desire.

Due to the sensitivity of  sacred bodywork, I only offer this service to couples in their home or private office.  I do not touch genitals in my teaching process. I coach and guide the partners and  individuals to treat  the holy body as a sacred alter of pleasure. The path of Orgasm will ignite deep passion in your life and relation. Through breath, intention, ritual and the sacred massage of erogenous zones, we journey deep into ourselves through sensation to heal and love our innocence.

Workshops or Private instruction to couples

Sensual  Massage and G-Spot Exploration for both sexes

We create a sacred space and an alter of worship for your lovers body as we practice communication, focus and breath.

Part 1 (for her) & Part 2 (for him) or one or the other for private sessions.  Roles are fixed for the full session, so each individual can fully be present as giver and/or receiver. That’s where the magic is

  • The science and anatomy of the male(prostate) A healthy prostate is a healthy man and/or female g-spot, to create multi orgasmic waves through her entire body.
  • Communication skills for pleasure
  • Teaching sensual massage techniques, breath and intention to fully relax and turn your partner on.
  • Sensual massage techniques to relax, open and tantalize the male or female G-spot taught as a meditation practice and ritual.

Other Topics to choose from:

Exploring under the Hood-

The clitoris has anywhere from 8000 to 10,000 nerve endings. It’s the only genital that is just for pleasure. It has no reproductive, hormonal or elimination purpose. The only purpose is to create energy, life force, orgasm and everyone benefits from this, the giver and the receiver. Learn how to stroke your lady’s clit and feel the many sensations her clitoral map has to offer.  For the lady, she can feel how ritual will allow her to decompress and relax into full sensation with no goal or expectation. Women have something called a “vigilant system” which is deep in our psyche. There is a place of safety and presence needed for the women to feel fully safe to express her power and orgasm.   This Practice can provide as a deep  partnered meditation for the two of you to share as spiritual practice.

Goddess Worship Your God-

Knowing how to feel and ride the wave of your own desire. Stroking your mans cock  for your pleasure is the focus and the side effect is, his greater health and pleasure. These exercises and techniques are to nourish you man’s nervous  and endocrine system. The penis has reflexology points that corresponds with his internal organs and energy flow, just like the reflexology points that match in the vagina.  This massage nourishes his whole system and fills him with healing life force energy. Learn the map of those reflexes and movements that increase sensation and fulfillment. To be practiced as a non goal orientated meditation that will provide a deep  partnered meditation for the two of you to share as spiritual practice.

Me as “Goddess Be”

Stepping into the power and grace of the Goddess BE.

Feeling very comfortable with Naked yoga and teaching tantra to couples through the practice of  yoga and ritual. Ever evolving and sharing the body positive message of self love and self acceptance with the Holy Body principle taught by Rev. Goddess Charmaine. She has been an amazing example of power and grace on the Goddess path.

God/Goddess- All there, is a vast vortex of life force and abundance, where we all merge and create from. As I see and feel the expansion of this truth in my life, the more comfortable I am in my expression of this path of the Goddess.

As Goddess Be, I fully embody the Goddess and the sacredness of All that Is. Tapping into the taboo subjects with

Sacred sensual ritual space, Orgasmic Reflex Breathing (ORB) and all with the Holy Body/ Body Positive message.

I started the path of Tantra and sacred sexuality back in the 1990’s, for my own spiritual growth.  In my early 20’s, I had a realization about my own sexuality. The Big life changing question was…”How come I can orgasm with a partner but when it came to “self pleasure”, “I can’t.” I would check out, I would loose interested. I just wouldn’t do it. Never able to bring myself to orgasm. It was quite a conundrum. All my girls friends were doing it, why couldn’t I? Coming from a life time of conditioning that squashed the natural exploration of self pleasure. With that inquiry…   Well, I knew enough to find help. I knew enough that if I can’t love  and know myself, how can I expect anyone else too.  Tantra became the way I healed and explored the old wounds. Through pleasure, I peeled the proverbial layers of the onion and discovered the negative thoughts and programming that limited my divine right to be fully alive to the joys of living. Tantra became my spiritual path. A path of self love, intention and creation of my true expression. It has helped me to learn to love myself actually the way I am. Wounds and all. I continue to grow and have a deeper understanding of myself, through ancient wisdom. As I look back, those wounds are now my super power, that have freed me from suppression. The crazy thing is the more I explored orgasm as a spiritual path the more self- love and personal power I found. As I let the practices of Tantra and Orgasm move through me, layers upon layers of old programming and negative beliefs about sexuality were removed and I could and can feel freedom, a lightness, a removal of shame. When I got to certain level of openness, I began teaching these principles through BNaked couples yoga classes integrating Hatha Yoga and Tantric Ritual  together.

Around that time, I also began to reach out and make relationships with the other teachers. People who had the same message of  body acceptance and sacred sexuality. As relationships grew and visions were in alignment in 2014 Reverend Goddess Charmaine and I began to share Holy Body Ritual to celebrate our Holy Body. Come celebrate  life, love and our bodies. I was blessed by Reverend Charmaine in a beautiful ceremony surrounded and witnessed by the sacred masculine during the summer of 2015 and  I became “Goddess Be”. I feel blessed and free to be me. Finally loved, accepted and honored as a healthy balanced, sexual being with no shame.  

If you have interest in a life with no shame. Join me on the journey through ORB (orgasm reflex breath). Explore this website for more programs that are right for you.

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Beth Nolan’s services are not intended to substitute professional medical advice or treatment. You should not ask Beth to diagnose or treat a health problem without consulting with a qualified physician. Please consult your health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.