Multi-Hand Massage Hawaiian Healing Ritual

Body Positive Platonic Touch Workshop $25.

!Once -a month! Friday @ 6 pm ends when everyone gets to receive.

Desert Rose Essential Herbs & Holistic Center in Sierra Vista, AZ

RSVP- No walk-ins

Beth at 201-259-4376


Bring your own fitted twin sheet, pillowcase, a towel to sit on, and a towel to wipe off the oil. Flip/flops, sandals to wear to protect floors.

Water bottle and a snack to share.

We all know how good massage feels. Now imagine multiple hands all in a rhythm of gliding sensation. We all agree and speak about what platonic touch is. What consent really means. Following the beliefs and symbolism of the Hawaiian lore for rights of passage massage ritual and the Ho’Oponopono Prayer reconciliation translated,  “I’m Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You, I love you.

Doesn’t end until we all have had a chance to receive.
Surrender to serenity as you experience compassion and genuine care.

Imagine lying on a table and allowing for complete and total relaxation as two or more people massage away tension and massage in serenity.

Share what consensual/non-sexual touch means to you. This includes expressing your likes and dislikes as part of your practicing speaking your needs and boundaries.

Creating a safe place for platonic touch, consent, and massage.

The idea is that one person (per table) receives a multi-hand massage. Feel the soothing flowing strokes dissolve away tension and stress. Everyone will have to opportunity to give and receive. Beth will guide you in specific strokes, so if you are not experienced, no worries.

There will be an opening circle, so please be there on time. If you show up after the circle begins, you won’t be able to enter. We will go over the rules and do some ice breaker exercises that will create a safe, sacred space.

We are all here for platonic touch and nurturing.

NO Genital Massage

Arousal can happen, massage feels good!

Massage encourages blood flow and arousal is blood flow. Let the energy rise, fall, and flow through you with no shame or attachment. Breathe and enjoy the sensation.

As the receiver, ask for what you want or don’t want.

Be specific. You are encouraged to change your mind.

As a giver, ask permission and practice consensual touch.

Be hygienically savvy, come clean

If you smoke or like to wear cologne or perfume, please refrain prior to and during the workshop.

If you have a massage table, we would love to have you bring it as well.

Beth Nolan has been in the holistic health field starting at a young age, she was trained in applied kinesiology/muscle testing) to assist a chiropractor for over 10 years. This experience led to knowledge about nutrition, food allergies, holistic health care, and listening to the body, mind, and spirit connection.

Enjoying her work and personal growth, Beth continued training as a massage therapist for over 35 years mastering: Shiatsu and Deep Tissue massage techniques, Reiki, and Reflexology. In massage, training yoga was encouraged for the survival of the massage path. Now yoga is a way for Beth to repair and keep herself relaxed, strong, and pain-free. Yoga became a way of life and a medium to teach people about their bodies and spiritual potential. Yoga unfolded the power of breath, breathing properly, breathing deeply and fully to bring the body and mind to their optimum function. The exploration into the science of breath as a spiritual practice & experience is achieved through yoga, breathwork, and meditation instruction.

2017-20121 Beth has been an established Health Kinesiologist, Massage Therapist, Spiritual Dowser as well as a Hatha & Tantra Yoga Instructor with body-positive workshops to help support people release shame & limiting beliefs. She offers group classes, coast to coast as well as private yoga and coaching sessions via Skype or Messenger.

After 5 years of travel, I have now settled in Bisbee, Az. 2022- Where I have a small workshop and treatment space in Old Bisbee. I manage and live in a 4 bedroom vacation/ boarding rental with shared bathrooms. There is one special private studio with a king-size bed with a skylight over it, a small frig, microwave, coffee maker, tea kettle, private bathroom, and a shared yard. Here is a VRBO link to the room with a pull-out couch Queen and King size bed.

Creating a desert retreat for anyone seeking balance in health. link attached soon. and