Love the Skin You’re In

Saturday November 6th, 4pm-7pm

Falls Church, VA


Love The Skin You’re In- A Body Positive Journey

Immerse yourself in Body Positive freedom with

 Beth Nolan AKA Goddess BE  offering an unforgettable loving experience, letting go of shame and old belief systems and you can truly love the skin you’re in.

Clothing Optional workshop to deepen the way we love our body. Self care practices to love and care for our holy bodies. If you are curious about nudism or looking for a way to find like minded people. Come join us self care practices, Yoga, Music, Tantric Breath work, Writing and exploring our souls completely.

*  awareness that allows you to move through the world, fully expressed

*  dance your dreams to life

*  explore  Masculine and Feminine aspects of yourself in whatever body you inhabit

*  be part of a body positive/sex-positive environment for the release shame

*  re-write your story about your body and the ways in which you care for it

Experience ORB (Orgasmic Reflex Breathing) that will energize your body as you learn to receive more pleasure in your daily life.

This clothing optional class invites you to peel off the physical and emotional layers at your comfort level in a safe, supportive environment. Remember…we are all naked under our clothes.

Bring blankets, pillows, water and yoga mat. Dress in loose comfortable clothing,  a wrap /or a sarong. Clothing optional.

Your willingness to be vulnerable and to love yourself will free you beyond limits.

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Private coaching available around self esteem and self compassion.