BNaked Yoga

Goodland Country Club and Spa, Hackettstown, NJ

  August is the last month at Goodland in NJ

                                       Saturday, 11am  August 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th

$25.00 at the gate and  $20.00 per person for yoga

 Use this PayPal link to register


I’m Moving to Virginia!!!!!September 2018

Once a month BNaked Yoga in Falls Church, VA

$25.00 register and save your spot by the Thursday before.


September 8th, Saturday, 10am

more TBA

During the winter months, November 2018 to April 2019.  Beth will be living and working at Lupin Lodge Naturist Club and Spa in Los Gatos, CA  Come for the day or stay for the weekend. Click Lupin link for a 2 for 1 coupon, directions, list of the amenities and yurt and RV rentals. For yoga we have a Warm yurt for chilly days and a nice lawn area for sunny warm days.

There are yoga mats and props available, bring your own or bring along a towel for your seat.


Skype  BNYoga
was a hit while I was gone.
Don’t let distance stop you from practicing yoga with Beth.
Practice in the comfort of your own home.

Group time slots $20.00

Call to set up our yoga schedule today!

BNaked Yoga 201-259-4376 (Beth)

$100.00 for private instruction.

“You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga …
Yoga makes you flexible. Be patient with yourself.” BNYOGA

The focus is to bring you to a place of peace and relaxation in your body and mind. Reminding you to Breathe deeply and fully, fortifying ourselves. We hold postures longer in a yin yoga style. We effect our organs, muscle, ligaments and joints, by holding  postures longer and relaxing into you. By using our full lung capacity, we can sink deeper and deeper into the postures. It’s all at your own pace and flexibility. Remember you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga…yoga makes you flexible. All levels and ages benefit, no extreme yoga here! Each class is gentle, challenging and restorative! Claim and recognize your personal place of peace and carry that feeling into your everyday life. Experience the true practice of yoga.

Why practice naked?
I personally enjoy the physical freedom of nudity in all my activities and seek out the safe places and spaces that allow that freedom to happen. Now it’s my turn to created a safe, warm place to spend time together, using the tools of yoga, to focus us inward, allowing our breath to keep us in the moment and watch our mind. Being naked in yoga will help heal and release negative beliefs the mind has about shame and poor self-image and any other belief that limit us from our true and natural self. I cater to the nudist and the nudist lifestyle, most who take part in my class are very comfortable with their body and nudity. As a community, nudist create a friendly safe place  to explore and feel personal freedom, because their comfortable in their skin. (and have nothing to hide.)
Yoga is a spiritual experience in and of itself, and in the shedding our clothes (the armor and the social masks we present to the world) can be an opportunity to shed judgments of ourselves and of each other. Let’s recognize and celebrate the wholesomeness of the human body. Our awareness and acceptance of our naked bodies, without self-consciousness and without erotic intentions, allows us to more fully share in, and benefit from, the yogic experience. Unlike other philosophies, practices or traditions that work to transcend the body, this practice celebrates the body, mind and spirit connection fully—grounding in joy and peace.