Holy Body Rituals

Always honoring every phase of Womanhood, empowering the Goddess within and claim your power.

For the winter months 2022 virtual Zoom

And here they are… for the ladies wanting to “Claim & Own” their true essence and want to know and trust in their pussy power. Join us in this Body Positive, women only, clothing optional, Zoom event series.

Two dates to choose from for each “Ground into Goddess” Holy Body Event.

“Claim & Own the Essence of your True Being”

Monday, January 17th, 2022 6 pm-8 pm & Saturday, January 29th, 2022 3 pm-5 pm

Rev. Goddess and Goddess BE are here to share tips and empowerment exercises to tap into the ancient wisdoms and grace of our holy bodies and consciousness. Claim and Own the essence of your true being is about living in alignment with your truest desires and activating your personal power through your holy body merged with Gaia!

Goddess BE and Rev. Goddess are shining examples of having claimed and own the essence of their true selves. They live out loud as goddesses and their lifestyles were created from that deep (womb) place of their very being-ness. 

If you wanna break fear or negativity about your body. 

If you wanna feel freer in your holy body.

If you want to be able to be nude in group settings.

If you want to live a richer life experience. 

If you want to celebrate yourself even more.

You’ll learn the tools to generate, harvest and expand into a new energy – a new paradigm. Directing love and light from our hearts to Gaia. 

Being Nude by choice in session is a chance to feel free with other women and connect deeper into our sisterhood bond. The feminine energy is a womb of abilities and her power expands the earth through our holy bodies. 

Together in this session we will, activate our holy body spirit consciousness, explore the nude feminine body, grounding into goddess yoga and dance. We will have the Nude talk and dive deep into the Om breath work. Then there is a moment of Spot Light Love that will completely leave you open to all the love of Gaia! 

This will be fun, rewarding and enlightening for all. 

Women Only! $85 per person.

Session will be held on Zoom.

If you have a group of women in your Zoom box, it is $85 for each woman in your group. 
Prepaid through PayPal or CashApp

Pay The Sensuous Mystic LLC using PayPal.Me

Pay The Sensuous Mystic LLC using PayPal.Me 


We will send Zoom Link the day before each session.

Goddess Blessings 

Pussy Power Party -Join the celebration, Goddesses!

There are two chances to party!!

Saturday, February 12th 2022 at 1:00-3:00pm EST.

Monday, February 21st 2022 at 6:00-8:00pm EST.

It’s party time, Goddesses! I said it’s Pussy Party Time with Rev. Goddess and Goddess BE!

You’ll have a fun time getting into all parts of your pussy with other partiers and break free of negative programming and beliefs about your pussy. 

You’ll discover how natural it is, to actually talk about your pussy in this group setting. Women are often held hostage to patriarchy and the mainstream mans demands on our pussies, and the time is now to take her back and bask in her real fruity pleasures, at this Pussy power party! 

Goddess BE and Rev. Goddess, knows exactly how to get things started and guide everyone through an experiential and meaningful good time. 

We will get the anatomy down, we will get into erotic breath work. We will move into the dancing hip roll with sex & spirit alignment, I Am Love / I Want Sex. Knowledge of your pussy from all layers of your body and energy is very important for the health balance and sharing of your pussy. Your personal relationship to your Yoni (pussy) is the main connection that when truly tapped in, can strengthen your intuition and build up your courage to do so many more things in your life. 

That’s a Pussy Power Party! 

Bring A Mirror;)

$85 per person

If you have a group of women in your Zoom box, it is $85 for each woman in your group.

Prepaid through PayPal or CashApp

Pay The Sensuous Mystic LLC using PayPal.Me

Pay The Sensuous Mystic LLC using PayPal.Me 


We will send Zoom Link the day before each session.

Goddess Blessings 


Summer 2022 we will be in person in the Woodstock Area.

Holy Body Sacred Drumming Ritual

BNaked Drumming Circle ~ A Holy Body Celebration



Join Rev. Goddess and Goddess BE for an eventful afternoon of Naked Holy Body Renewal.

We can join together for a beautiful fun sensuous ritual for wholeness, healing and pleasure as we rebuild our community in these ongoing changing times. Come to celebrate out in nature with Goddess BE and Rev. Goddess with their special blend of passionate erotic play and create a space for your own personal healing and growth.

We are gonna shake rattle and roll as we bridge & strengthen our oneness with the elements and one another as we expand in our erotic natures, in this meaningful and grounded ceremony together.

Bring your drum, rattle and any other hand held percussion instruments, to help create the organic heartbeats of sounds that we’ll all rise too.

Holy Body ~ The Art of Self Loving

Zoom Event TBA


Rev. Goddess Charmaine and Goddess BE ~ Beth Nolan

A Workshop for Healing and Empowerment

Clothing Optional

 Women ~ Be seen and Honored in your Sexual Power.

Men ~ Use these Self Love tools to become Multi Orgasmic and a better Lover.

Couples ~ Deepen your Erotic connection and Awaken new ways to Communicate Desire in this Shared Experience.

Self Love and mystical masturbation plays a major role in our spiritual and emotional development as a human. It is our birthright to feel alive and love our holy bodies. Now we can come together and support one another in releasing shame and taboo around masturbation. A meditative masturbation ritual can bring healing and empowerment to our body, mind, spirit, and the world around us. This holy body self love is perfect for those wanting to create a more empowering and healthier spiritual attitude towards the practice of sensual self-loving and nourishing the holy body spiritual connection, and also to enhance your sexual relationship with others.

* Openly discuss your personal relationship to your body and how it developed.

* Identify and transmute negative belief systems.

  • Set personal intentions that expand the body/spirit container for pleasure.
  • Learn how to breath orgasmically (ORB).

* Learn self-pleasuring and masturbation ritual techniques for self-loving.

  • Explore Fantasy Spirit to incorporate imagination and visualization in self-loving rituals.
  • Group Masturbation and choice to be witnessed.

* Create a Sensual Self-Pleasuring Ritual you can begin using right away!

Please have your favorite lubricant, Vibrator, or sex toys, if you’d like. Suggested to make yourself comfortable, two towels, and a pillow or blanket. We may be indoors, or out on our deck, or out in nature.

Clothing Optional. If you choose to wear clothing, keep it loose, freeing and available to stroke.

Holy Body Orgasmic Puja

You are the Gift~

Woodstock Area Summer 2022


Join together with other like minded Holy Body Souls and enjoy the Ceremony of witnessing the Sacred Within Us ALL, as we share through the Ritual of Puja! You will learn how to build, move and share orgasmic energy, through the practice of Tantra in a safe space created and guided by Rev. Goddess Charmaine and Goddess BE ~ Beth Nolan.

Men, Women and Couples come to experience a divine sensual experience! This is a coed gathering in a Clothing Optional atmosphere!

Puja is a word for Ceremony and Gift, with intention and focus. Its clothing optional so if you choose to have anything on we ask that you bring a sarong. I will have extra sarongs.

Our focus for the Puja is The Holy Body, you are the gift. So each piece of the Puja is about relating to the other as God/Goddess and the Puja is conducted mostly in a moving circle so that each person gets to experience everyone in the gathering. We (me and Be) have created some really cool and fun acts/sharing for everyone to do. Without giving anything away. I can tell you that our intention is not to make this event explicit with sexual contact. Although it will be sensual in the sense of the clothing optional atmosphere and some movement breathing and light feather tip strokes. We strive for everyone to feel good safe and to have a really great time opening up to the God/Goddess within and to learn something about themselves. 

This Puja will also include ORB ~ Orgasmic Reflex Breath, guided by Goddess BE ~ Beth Nolan!

Any other questions please contact Rev. Goddess at: reverendgoddess@gmail.com.

Men women and couples will have a tremendous heartfelt sensuous experience in joining this Sacred Gift Puja.

Please bring a YOGA MAT and/or TOWEL, SARONG and WATER!

If you want to pay at the DOOR, it is $80 in cash exact Change! YOU MUST Email Rev. Goddess and Inform her that you will pay at the door: reverendgoddess@gmail.com. YOU MUST RESERVE…Your Name must be on the list!