Holy Body Rituals

Grounding into Goddess


Honoring All phases of Goddess in our

Grounding into Goddess Group

once a month -TBA in Sierra Vista, AZ

, You Must RSVP!!

This is a day of Claiming and Owning the Essence of your True Being as Goddess. A day of empowering your sexy and spirit by Merging with your Heart!

Reprogram the old beliefs of doubt and shame to empower ourselves and finally know “the pussy knows” she’s our gut knowing. Trust in her/your Goddess Power!

Come together with Goddess BE ~ Beth Nolan

Retreat into nature, and bond with women who want to expand into goddesses’ love and growth. Empowering each other through the wisdom and grace of Goddess Consciousness.  Learn the tools to generate, harvest, and expand us into new energy. Directing that energy to our hearts and to Gaia, grounding ourselves into our own Goddess self. Restoring the balance here on earth. 

Experience your true freedom and develop your energetic abilities and physical wholeness through the ancient traditions of Tantra, yoga and Shamanism.

What our Time together will look like.

Coming together for the Intention setting. 

Law of rising Statement of Truth. “Every Effort To Rise- Raises Another, I Am Here For You And Thank You For Being Here For Me” 

A beautiful blend of gentle nude yoga and diving deep into the wisdom of Gaia as we sing dance chant and if possible dance around a roaring fire calling all goddesses! 

Moving into regenerative techniques that you can continue adding to your life from this day forward for

90 minutes, to relax and take time for yourself. 

Claiming and Owning your Essence to add to our empowerment and fun!

Speaking your truth and transforming it into the real you today! “I Am Spiritually Whole and Sexually Perfect, My Body Knows It And Shows It” 

Bring a Sarong, a towel or blanket, and a yoga mat. 

We look forward to seeing you for

Grounding Into Goddess


Summer 2022 Arizona

TBA- East Coast 2023

Holy Body Orgasmic Puja

You are the Gift~

Woodstock Area TBA

I can’t wait until we feel safe enough to do this one again.

Join together with other like-minded Holy Body Souls and enjoy the Ceremony of witnessing the Sacred Within Us ALL, as we share through the Ritual of Puja! You will learn how to build, move and share orgasmic energy, through the practice of Tantra in a safe space created and guided by Rev. Goddess Charmaine and Goddess BE ~ Beth Nolan.

Men, Women and Couples come to experience a divine sensual experience! This is a coed gathering in a Clothing Optional atmosphere!

Puja is a word for Ceremony and Gift, with intention and focus. Its clothing optional so if you choose to have anything on we ask that you bring a sarong. I will have extra sarongs.

Our focus for the Puja is The Holy Body, you are the gift. So each piece of the Puja is about relating to the other as God/Goddess and the Puja is conducted mostly in a moving circle so that each person gets to experience everyone in the gathering. We (me and Be) have created some really cool and fun acts/sharing for everyone to do. Without giving anything away. I can tell you that our intention is not to make this event explicit with sexual contact. Although it will be sensual in the sense of the clothing optional atmosphere and some movement breathing and light feather tip strokes. We strive for everyone to feel good safe and to have a really great time opening up to the God/Goddess within and to learn something about themselves. 

This Puja will also include ORB ~ Orgasmic Reflex Breath, guided by Goddess BE ~ Beth Nolan!

Any other questions please contact Rev. Goddess at: reverendgoddess@gmail.com.

Men women and couples will have a tremendous heartfelt sensuous experience in joining this Sacred Gift Puja.

Please bring a YOGA MAT and/or TOWEL, SARONG and WATER!

If you want to pay at the DOOR, it is $80 in cash exact Change! YOU MUST Email Rev. Goddess and Inform her that you will pay at the door: reverendgoddess@gmail.com. YOU MUST RESERVE…Your Name must be on the list!