Holy Body Puja

Holy Body Orgasmic Puja~ You are the Gift~


This is a Coed event ~ We would love to have gender balance so men and women can get the full benefit of this Puja!
Join together with other like minded Holy Body Souls and enjoy the Ceremony of witnessing the Sacred Within Us ALL, as we share through the Ritual of Puja! You will learn how to build, move and share orgasmic energy, through the practice of Tantra in a safe ritual space created and guided by Rev. Goddess Charmaine and Goddess BE ~ Beth Nolan.
 ORB Journey work (orgasmic reflex breathing) will be part of the ceremony. Through this process we will build and expand our own  orgasmic self by breathing in away that encourages the natural orgasmic reflex, that is our true and natural self.
 It’s clothing optional so if you choose to wear anything, we ask that you bring a sarong.  I will have extra sarongs,if you need.
Our focus in the Puja is “The Holy Body” your Holy Body, you are the gift. So each piece of the Puja is about relating to the other as God/Goddess and the Puja is conducted as a moving circle. Each person gets to experience everyone in the gathering. Rev Charmaine and Goddess BE have created some really cool and fun activities to share our gifts with everyone. Without giving anything away. Our intention is not to make this event explicit with sexual contact. Although it will feel sensual in the sense of being in a clothing optional atmosphere, breathing(ORB) movement and light feather tip strokes. We strive for everyone to feel good safe and to have a really great time opening up to the God/Goddess within and to learn something about themselves.
$70 dollars in advance and $80 in cash (exact change please) at the door!
Please bring a YOGA MAT, TOWEL, SARONG and WATER! 
If you want to pay at the DOOR, it is $80 in cash exact Change! YOU MUST Email Rev. Goddess and Inform her that you will pay at the door: reverendgoddess@gmail.com. YOU MUST RESERVE…..Your Name must be on the list!