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Conscious Connected Couples $40. MUST RSVP

Deepen the connection you have with your partner.

Starting on September 17th, 2022 at 3:30 pm Every 3rdSaturday of the month.


You can also have this experience in the comfort of your own home choose either…

Ultimate Date Night

 Afternoon Delight

The choice is up to you;)

Skype, Messenger, and FaceTime all work to create your date.

  principles to deepen the connection to yourself and make your partner the heart of the matter.

ConsciousConnectedCouples yoga class combines Tantra and Hatha yoga principles. Partners come together to breathe, support, explore and co-create with each other. The White Tantra Ritual will be an intricate part of the class. You will use the heart-felt love energy to plant an intention, to manifest your true desires through orgasmic life force. The energy builds with the use of yoga postures and intimacy exercises. Touch, physical support, and communication of desires are energetically and passionately available with open hearts. ConsciousConnectedCouples yoga helps your union to go beyond the physical into the spiritual. The purpose includes the physical benefits of yoga but as a partnered practice this deepens the emotional support and connection we all crave. The bond deepens through each breath and eye gaze. These practices give us a blueprint for understanding our energetic and physical anatomy. To reclaim your pleasure for health.  This is a clothing-optional event, disrobing or not to your own comfort.
Open to all sexual orientations -Couples Only.
Clothing optional.

Tantra & Intimacy Life Coaching

Private appointments are available through Skype or Messenger

Don’t let our distance stop you from following your desire Coaching is available through Skype.

Intimacy Coaching Life Quality Coaching  Living An Orgasmic Life

Private session $150.00 first hour, $100 each additional hour.

Advanced Practices for seriously sacred lover makers.

Sensual Massage and G-Spot Exploration for both sexes

We create a sacred space and an altar of worship for your lover’s body as we practice communication, focus, and breath.

Part 1 (for her) & Part 2 (for him) or one or the other for private sessions. Roles are fixed for the full session, so each individual can fully be present as giver and/or receiver. That is where the magic is

  • The science and anatomy of the male(prostate) A healthy prostate is a healthy man and/or female g-spot, to create multi-orgasmic waves through her entire body.
  • Communication skills for pleasure
  • Teaching sensual massage techniques, breath, and intention to fully relax and turn your partner on.
  • Sensual massage techniques to relax, open and tantalize the male or female G-spot taught as a meditation practice and ritual.

Other Topics to choose from:

Exploring under the Hood-

The clitoris has anywhere from 8000 to 10,000 nerve endings. It’s the only genital that is just for pleasure. It has no reproductive, hormonal, or elimination purpose. The only purpose is to create energy, life force, and orgasm and everyone benefits from this, the giver and the receiver. Learn how to stroke your lady’s clit and feel the many sensations her clitoral map has to offer. For the lady, she can feel how the ritual will allow her to decompress and relax into a full sensation with no goal or expectation. Women have something called a vigilant system which is deep in our psyche. There is a place of safety and presence needed for the woman to feel fully safe to express her power and orgasm.  This Practice can provide as a deep partnered meditation for the two of you to share as a spiritual practice.

Goddess Worship Your God-

Knowing how to feel and ride the wave of your own desire. Stroking your man’s cock for your pleasure is the focus and the side effect is, his greater health and pleasure. These exercises and techniques are to nourish your man’s nervous and endocrine system. The penis has reflexology points that correspond with his internal organs and energy flow, just like the reflexology points that match in the vagina.  This massage nourishes his whole system and fills him with healing life force energy. Learn the map of those reflexes and movements that increase sensation and fulfillment. It to be practiced as a non-goal orientated meditation that will provide a deep partnered meditation for the two of you to share as a spiritual practice.

Self-Love Ritual private sessions $150.00 on Skype, Messenger, FaceTime & Zoom

For Women, ~ Be seen and Honored in your Sexual Power in a Safe and Sacred environment.

Men, ~ Use these Self Love tools to become Multi Orgasmic and a Better Lover.

and for Couples ~ Deepen your Erotic connection and Awaken new ways to Communicate Desire in this Shared Experience.

Self Love and mystical masturbation play a major role in our spiritual and emotional development as a human. It is our birthright to feel alive and loves our holy bodies. Now we can come together and support one another in releasing the shame and taboo around masturbation. A meditative masturbation ritual can bring healing and empowerment to our body, mind, spirit, and the world around us. This holy body self-love is perfect for those wanting to create a more empowering and healthier spiritual attitude towards the practice of sensual self-loving and nourishing the holy body spiritual connection, and also to enhance your sexual relationship with others. 

* Openly discuss your personal relationship to your body and how it developed.

* Identify and transmute negative belief systems.

  • Set personal intentions that expand the body/spirit container for pleasure.
  • Learn how to breathe orgasmically (ORB).

* Learn self-pleasuring and masturbation ritual techniques for self-loving.

  • Explore Fantasy Spirit to incorporate imagination and visualization in self-loving rituals.
  • Group Masturbation and choice to be witnessed.

* Create a Sensual Self-Pleasuring Ritual you can begin using right away!

Please bring your favorite lubricant, Vibrator, and sex toys. Please bring two towels, and a pillow or blanket for comfort.  Bring a water bottle. Snacks will be served.

Me as Goddess Be

Stepping into the power and grace of the Goddess BE.

Feeling very comfortable and excited to teach Naked Hatha yoga and tantra yoga to couples through a ritual using Sacred sexuality practices. We are ever evolving to find more freedom In our life. Coming together to share in the body a positive message of self-love and self-acceptance with the Holy Body principle has been an amazing example of the power and grace available on this Goddess’s path.

God/Goddess- All there, is a vast vortex of life force and abundance, where we all merge and create from. As I see and feel the expansion of this truth in my life, the more comfortable I am in my expression of this path of the Goddess.

As Goddess Be, I fully embody the Goddess and the sacredness of All that Is. Tapping into the taboo subjects with

Sacred sensual ritual space, Orgasmic Reflex Breathing (ORB) and all with the Holy Body/ Body Positive message.

I started the path of Tantra and sacred sexuality back in the 90’s to figure out my connection between sex and spirit and my spiritual growth.  In my early 20s, I had a realization about my own sexuality. The Big life-changing question…How come I can orgasm with a partner but when it comes to my pleasure, I would check out, I would lose interest. I just wouldn’t do it, masturbate due t all the shame put on me through my catholic upbringing. Never able to bring myself to orgasm. It was quite a conundrum. All my girlfriends were doing it, why couldn’t I? Coming from a lifetime of conditioning that squashed the natural exploration of self-pleasure. With that inquiry… I knew I had to find help. I knew enough that if I can’t love and know myself, how can I expect anyone else to?  Tantra became the way I healed and explored the old wounds. Through pleasure, I peeled the proverbial layers of the onion and discovered the negative thoughts and programming that limited my divine right to be fully alive to the joys of living. Tantra became my spiritual path. A path of self-love, intention, and creation of my true expression. It has helped me to learn to love myself actually the way I am. Wounds and all. I continue to grow and have a deeper understanding of myself, through ancient wisdom. As I look back, those wounds are now my superpower, that has freed me from suppression. The crazy thing is the more I explored orgasm as a spiritual path the more self-love and personal power I found. As I let the practices of Tantra and Orgasm move through me, layers upon layers of old programming and negative beliefs about sexuality were removed and I could and can feel freedom, a lightness, a removal of shame. When I got to a certain level of openness, I began teaching these principles through BNaked yoga , couples yoga classes integrating Hatha Yoga and Tantric Ritual together.

Around that time, I also began to reach out and make relationships with the other teachers. People who had the same message of body acceptance and sacred sexuality. As relationships grew and visions were in alignment in 2014 Reverend Goddess Charmaine and I began to share Holy Body Ritual to celebrate our Holy Body. Come celebrate life, love, and our bodies. I was blessed by Reverend Charmaine in a beautiful ceremony surrounded and witnessed by the sacred masculine during the summer of 2015 and  I choose the Goddess Path and became Goddess BE. I feel blessed and free to be me. Finally loved, accepted, and honored as a healthy balanced, sexual being with no shame.

If you have an interest in a life with no shame. Join me on the journey through

ORB (orgasm reflex breath). Explore this website for more programs that are right for you.

For more about me and the holistic health care and yoga I provided, click the links below.


Beth Nolan’s services are not intended to substitute professional medical advice or treatment. You should not ask Beth to diagnose or treat a health problem without consulting with a qualified physician. Please consult your health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.

Call to see if we are a good fit. 201-259-4376

Don’t let my nomadic tendencies or the distance stop you from connecting and learning the tools you need to follow your desire.

Beth’s ConsciousConnectedCouples yoga class and intimacy training combine Tantra and Hatha yoga principles. Where partners come together to support, explore and co-create with each other. The White Tantra Ritual will be an intricate part of the class. You will use intention and orgasmic energy to manifest your true desires together. The energy builds with the use of the Orgasmic Reflex Breath(ORB), modified yoga posture, and intimacy exercises. Breathe, touch, physical and emotional support, communication of desires, being all in energetically and passionately opens hearts. ConsciousConnectedCouples yoga helps your union to go beyond the physical into the spiritual. The purpose is not only for the scientific benefits of yoga. You also experience a deepening  and expanding bond that deepens through each breath. These practices give us a blueprint for understanding our energetic and physical anatomy. To reclaim your pleasure and health.  This is a clothing-optional event, disrobing or not to your own comfort.
Open to all sexual orientations -Couples Only. Clothing optional. You  will get  hot and you’ll probably end up naked, it’s up to you.

If you have any questions, reach out to

Beth AKA GoddessBE


Beth’s Couples Yoga class is a uniquely enlightening, physical and spiritual experience for couples who know each other well but want to know each other better. It’s intimate, it’s fun, and it is yoga. We have practiced yoga together and individually for years but we look forward to Beth’s class because it sits in a special place on the yoga spectrum a place where the yoga is about your partner and not yourself.
Rami and Sushila

My wife and I recently started taking Beth’s Couples Yoga classes. We have been avid yoga participants for a few years, but haven’t found a really great instructor until now. We started last year with Beth’s regular yoga classes and completely enjoyed her caring instructions and the wonderful atmosphere she generates among her class. She recognizes that everyone is at a different level of strength and agility and helps keep you at your best without experiencing any discomfort. Plus she has a great sense of humor and keeps the class light and fun.

Additionally, with Couples Yoga, she adds intimacy and togetherness unlike any other class. She brings an interconnectedness to you and your partner. Breath and typical yoga poses to incorporate and play with each others strengths and weaknesses. I personally like trying to do some of the balancing poses with a partner. It’s unusual at first, but you learn to trust the other persons support. There is also a total interpersonal sharing aspect that brings you closer together in a very intimate way with your partner. You leave the class feeling closer to each other. This has to be one of the best ways to start your Friday date-night.