Body Positive & Clothing Optional Events

Now I have a health center to host me and my body positive message of healing along with workshops that help you to love what you got.

Desert Rose Essential Herbs, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Body Positive freedom is expressed through a clothes-free environment with fellow nudists. $20 BNaked Yoga

Every 3rd Saturday at 2 pm BNaked Yoga Stay tuned for a new exciting schedule of events to explore your natural freedom and love the skin you are in.

September 17th, October 15th, November 19, December 17th, 2022

In this day and age, we all need to feel a little freer. When we feel safe, we can let go of the stresses of life. Clothing can be our armor, our uniform, or our identity. Stripping off the layers literally and figuratively people have reported the stress drops off just as easily.

Let BNaked Yoga be your guide to unwind those tight spots in our body and mind. Body Positive is a choice first in your heart (self-love following your desire) and then in your mind. Getting over our negative internal tapes that judge your shape, size, and/or socialities projection of nudity sells or equals sex. Rise above the shame projected by past insults, advertisements, and airbrushed models we feel we have to compare ourselves to. Come to a place in you where you can really love and believe in yourself. Love yourself deeply. Lean into life’s adventures, and feel the power of personal freedom through nudism.

BNaked Yoga – the joy of nudism in your home while I guide you through a gentle but challenging Hatha Yoga class. Beth has been practicing and teaching Traditional Hatha Yoga since 1985. Lean in and leave your stress and fears (False-Evidence-Appearing- Real) behind.

If nudism isn’t for you, we can still practice all my body positive principles as well as hatha yoga, Do-In, and various other ancient self-massage & self-care exercises that keep you energetically balanced with a strong immune system.

Contact Goddess BE ~ me;) Beth Nolan to reserve your spot in a virtual class or private session. Teachings translate over the internet.

Beth is now living in Bisbee, AZ I still connect with my east coast clients through Skype, Messenger, and FaceTime.

Call and talk to Beth for more information at 201-259-476

Click through the Holy Body tab to see the workshops I do with the Sensuous Mystic, Reverend Goddess Charmaine.

BE natural. BE Empowered. BE yourself!