The ORB Experience

A Shamanic Journey through the Sensations of

*Orgasmic Reflex Breathing*


A.K.A Tantric breath work 

Private sessions $100.00

now that I’m back on the road remember Skype can keep us connected and supporting your life of desire.

Holy Body Naked Puja  TBA

Love The Skin You’re In  for the group experience.TBA

The Art of Self Loving  TBA

For group a experience- stay tuned for these workshops to return to the east coast, Spring/Summer 2019.

“Orgasmic Reflex Breath” Feel the expansion and openness of breathing deeply and fully orgasmic for an hour. Create a dynamic relationship with yourself through the power of breath.

Let’s create some magic together! Learn to use the practices of yoga and Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice that has been going for over 5,000 years, and means ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’. It’s a form of breath work that is said to create a mind-body connection that can lead to powerful orgasms. This breath work brings you deep into a Shamanic  journey into yourself. Each time you practice ORB  you tap into the creative life force and the orgasmic Source of power  that is you. Each class builds on the other to create the clarity of focus needed to manifest your goals and desires.

Feel truly alive in your body on this path of self love and freedom.


The Breath is the meeting ground between the conscious and unconscious minds. It is the access point that bridges the connection to body, mind, emotions and spirit.
— Deepak Chopra

The “ORB” Experience.
To start we create sacred space together with the intention of self-love and growth. To ground us and prepare us for the deep journey ahead. Through ORB you will deepen your understanding of your unconscious self and the old beliefs, blocks and/or traumas of the past that limit us.
Orgasmic Reflex Breath incorporates specific principals of sound, movement and breath to jump start and amp up your orgasmic life force. ORB allow us to connect deeply with Source, the love that is our birthright. This conscious breathing has the ability to bring insight to the emotional blocks that keep us from living life fully.

All concerns and feelings of the participants will be respected and kept in the circle.

Please bring yoga mat and blankets for comfort and warmth (we will be lying on the floor), a blind fold and water. Food to share, after.