Naturist Events

2014 Fall BNaked Yoga

Travasun’s Pool Party

October 18th, Saturday 8pm

Join me for BNaked Yoga at the Travasun’s, a Long Island based nudist club and spa that meets during the winter months. Click on the above heading for all the details. Besides BNYoga and the pools amenities there will be food, a bar, a dance party… check it out!
Travasun events are run in accordance with AANR etiquette rules, ZERO tolerance for drugs, drunkenness, and lewd or other undesirable behavior.
Travasun club Permits a clothing optional attendance as means to encourage newbies to join our lifestyle. In my class it will be totally nude  it is called “BNaked” Yoga.
Still looking for an open minded landlord to host BNaked Yoga Events in NJ. I am being up front about my agenda and subject matter. So far no one’s open has been open minded enough. I have a couple more leads I will be working on.



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