The “True to You” YOGA Room at 188 Breakneck Rd., Highland Lks, NJ

We share a 8-10 person  yoga studio and group space. $15 per class, $50. for 4 classes. We come together and want to share with open hearts our  similar paths. We have collaborated and created programs for growing and knowing our true-selves deeper. We look forward to sharing, growing and staying true. “True to You” on-going schedule.

Always call before for available space. 201-259-4376

                                                Tuesday, 9am Hatha,

3pm Restorative Yoga,

is turning into a wonderful supportive place for people healing from injury and/or surgery.

People who said I can’t do yoga… and now yoga is restoring them.

7pm Hatha

Friday, 10am Kundalini

Once a month Sunday, 11-1pm Breathwork,

 we will share a potluck of healthy food ,enjoy nature together.

November 22nd

Dec 20th

Yoga is more than a tool, it is a constant affirmation of how powerful the body/mind connection is. With the practice of yoga, we become are own healer. We take responsibility of our health, flexibility and clarity of mind.
Due to the benefits I have experienced through the practice of yoga, I feel the need to share this gift and help make it accessible to any one willing explore other options in preventive health.
Yoga will keep us in the moment and focused on what is important and give us a new perspective on how we deal with stress and the various aspects of life. Please join me for a Hatha yoga class and enjoy the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation my classes has to offer.

Restorative Private Yoga Sessions NOW available.

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