For years BNYoga, meant Beth Nolan is teaching you yoga. Well, it still does, but as with all things, it changed and evolved.

Now BN is for, Be Naked. For over 8 years, I have been finding freedom in expressing and sharing a body positive message through BNaked Yoga.  I was asked, “Beth, I know your a nudist and you teach yoga…Would you be a naked yoga instructor? Would you teach naked yoga?” This part of my lifeI kept to myself. It was private. I would find my personal  freedom as a nudist, with hikes and swims at lakes deep in the woods of Northern NJ or go to Sandy Hook. Back then, I never knew there was such an amazing beautiful community of people out there wanting such a thing.  Long story short, my life changed for the better, for the greater good of my freedom and self love. This path, this choice of freedom has surrounded me with beautiful like minded people. People who love themselves exactly the way they are.Which in turn I get loved back, exactly the way I am. We share time together with nothing to hide, vulnerable and free in the skin we’re in.

Here’s a little secret…It’s the vulnerability that makes you free!

Join me!

Look through me site for many body positive/nudist events in NJ and NY.

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